【You guys attention】Premature baldness・"Rabbit's Ear"・follen hair. Only my fringe Starts falling out in gobs. You can stop it. Let's start from twenties!! How to cure baldness,and Hair transplantation.

You can recover
your precious hair,
if you find
correct Hair-growth Agents!!

expensive Hair-growth Agents
Hold on!!
There are people
that medicine works well,
that medicine doesn't work at all.

translate into Japanese ver.
With influence of ad by the entertainer,
the ward AGA has been
widely spread through in the would.

People understand
hair thinning」equal「AGA」.

Because of this incorrect knowledge,
many people make a lousy job.

One young man
(fictitious character)is here.

premature baldness
And,his headline is
like a alphabetic M.

shape of head is
chaos too


Most premature baldness
rush into the hospital which is known by CM.
At the hospital, dermatology is jammed.
Young man was kept waiting for 45min・・・,

consultation start

 I'm still 23years oid, but
 I became premature baldness・・
 Help me, doctor!!   (:-

 Are you still 23y.o !?
 Oh, gosh  :-D

 I see, IC, hahaha(:-D)
 You mean
 "premature baldness" rihgt?
 OK OK, aye aye sir.
 Anything you say (:&)

 Here. I'll prescribe a pro○○cia.
  (in a monotone)」

consultation finished
process time: only 2min.

He was kept waiting for 45min and
consultation finished in just 2min.
He was made to buy expensive medicine which
cannot accept health insurance.
Moreover, it costs $70 per mouth.
Thinning hair isn't authorized as a illness.
So he have to pay in full
at his own expense.
I mean,
the following is a summay of the above.

This is terrible.
If you consult a doctor
for advice on thinning hair,
be automatically prescribed a pro○○cia.
Actually, this is a MFC.
(Marked For catastrophe)
priority for survival Where you say the single word "baldness",
it covers a lot of types.
・thinning fringe(bang)
・total thinning hair、
・no hair only on the
 top of head(crown)
・alopecia areata

  and so on.
Everything is different
in factor,
Each is different
Nevertheless,some doctor
lump every patient all together,
and prescribe a pro○○cia for every baldness.
This medicine works very well for
a certain or particular person,but
It has no effect for the others.
so, If a doctor prescribe a pro○○cia for every baldness,
of course, many people "remain the same"

 oh jeasus

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One year after taking pro○○cia・・・, 
He has spent $840 per year even though
his fringe(bang) has been thinning!!
He is rather getting worse and worse day and day.

Although it's extremely expensive,
No effect right!?

He makes a complaint immediately by the telephone.

いてもたっても いられなくて、

「Hey! doctor!! I


What a magic word.
 you can be classed as
 one of the type that
 medicine doesn't work at all」

Doctor just disposes of everything
with this word.
Even so, he put up stubbom doctor,
and,an awkward pause followed.
Then,doctor activate
the secondary "MAGIC WARD"!!
 You. Consider deeply.
 That's not true.
 You had been taking medicine,
 that's why you can keep the status quo.
 If you stop taking midicine now,
 your baldness is will fast deteriorate.
(in a monotone)。」

The patient get cold feet the minute
aftert he heard it.
As he is afraid of deterioration,
he have doctor prescribe medicine in the end.
And he keeps on taking medicine everyday
in spite of NO EFFECT for him.
He invest his precious $70 every month.
His money and hair ceased to exist
in a split second.

I guess
most baldnessman have under gone like this.
効かない。」  That makes sense
For exsanple, when you got a cold,
it is no use taking midecine of
atopic dermatitis.
Of course,
your cold doesn't get over.
After all,these midicine are different in purpose
This is abysmally useless condunt.
However,previous patient practice
the useless condunt.
Furthermore,he continue
spending a great deal of money.
IGNORANCE is dreadful.
The medicine is effective in the treatment of particular baldness.
but,in the case of your situation,
it doesn't work at all.
Of course, it doesn't work absolutely for
baldness not eligible.

Not even docotor can predict that
this midicine is effective or not for you.

So, you are told such a phrase.

Doctor sympathize him, but
doctor recommend only medicine to him.
(The reason is because it's doctor's business)
From a doctor's point of view,
that big-ticket product is selling
is left.
So, doctor is not in trouble
patient's hair is increase or not.
Patients fear deterioration,
and they continue
purchasing medicine permanently.
That's awful.
This is equivalent to dump money.

Surprisingly, there are
a lot of guys who overcame his baldness.
Actually, they know quite a lot
about METHOD for coping with baldness
better than doctor.

Then,start explaining about
difference between the man whom
the medicine work well and other.
FYI,constituent of pro○○cia is FINASTERIDE.
FINASTERIDE(hereinafter called FINA)

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which type are you?
AGA type1 or type2

I know what guy's baldness equal AGA.
(AGA = allergic granuromatosis-angitis)
Everyone understand so far. But,
Everyone understand only so far.
Even doctor does't know.

There are two types of AGA.
   =:-o  what!?
it's definitely classified
type1 and type2.

First of all young baldness(twenties),
young hairline"M"(twenties),
young hairline moving back(twenties),

so-colled premature baldness.

began to pop
even though
he is still twenties.
These guys are type1

Type1 makes rapid progress
of baldness.  And,
fallen hair never returns
any longer
Meanwhile baldness his age(total hair thinning),
suddenly bigan to bald after AGING,
I'm concerned about only cowlick,

hair loss caused by AGING.

These guys are type2

Baldnss of this type
is slowly progressing.
It is a bit nearer
it is certainly a kind of AGA.
Important Notes FINA is highly effective
against only type2 of AGA.

Let's review again.
young baldness(twenties),
young hairline moving back(twenties),
young hairline"M"(twenties),
This is what we call premature baldness.
This is AGA type of 1

baldness his age
(your whole hair decrease equally),
suddenly bigan to bald after forties,
I'm concerned about only hair whorl,
This is AGA type of 2

Out of two types, The baldness who work FINA is
only type 2


Keep in mind!!

Summary of the above If you are AGA type1,
it is no use taking FINA.
FINA doesn't work on
Premature baldness(young baldness).

The same is the case with MINOXIDIL.

FINA and MINOXIDIL does't work
on hiar line M
Keep in mind!!

Doctors recommend FINA and MINOXIDIL,
in any time(in any situation).
rightly for type of AGA2.
I mean it's for middle age.
FINA and MINO are not for Premature baldness,
but for middle age baldness.

It's never medicin for young baldness.

If TYPE1 take FINA everyday enthusiastically,
there is no reason why his baldness heal.
That makes sense
For exsanple, when you got a cold,
it is no use taking midecine of
atopic dermatitis.
Of course,
your cold doesn't get over.
After all,these midicine are different in purpose.

Furthermore, many people continue
making such a lousy job.
IGNORANCE is dreadful.

TO AGA TYPE1 (prince of fate)
You should give up FINA and MINOXI

FINA doesn't work on TYPE1,as well as MINOXI.
(premature baldness)(hairline moving back)
you are easily deprived of
secret weapon that was regarded

The medicine that treat baldness TYPE1
does not exist yet
But,speed of baldness dvance is MACH !!
in the case of TYPE1,
your poor hair
once lost is lost for ever.

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「Your hair falls out sharply」→
「Temporarily stop fallen hair」→
「Your hair falls out more heavily」→
You repeat this loop.

Nothing can be done about AGA TYPE1.
But,recently,there is a good news
for AGA TYPE1.
The trend word that is effective
against AGA type1 exist.
Its reputation is growing fast, and energetic,
saw palmetto,
pueraria mirifica
black phomthong !!
I mean,
herbal medicine.
Some people call it "KANPO". (in Japanese)

This is explained in detail in next page, but,
in the event you can't wait The Saviour ‐ saw palmetto
Word of mouth and my evaluation

These are very important.
So I say it over and over.
The medical supplies like FINA MINOXI
are good for only AGA TYPE2, and
these doesn't work on premature baldness.
this may not be the case for
herbal medicine
such as saw palmetto and
pueraria mirifica.
The herbal medicine will do everyone good.

The herbal medicine is not medicene.
It is a bit nearer the nutrients.
So, it equally acts on everyone.
If you eat orange too much, your hands turn yellow.
The cause of that is due to β-cryptoxanthin(nutrients).
This is the evidence that your body
has been reacting to nutrients.
It is a similar reaction for all of humanity.

I summarize briefly,
medical supplies like FINA・MINOXI, only in the case of AGA type2,
its are extremely effective

No effective for AGA type1.

Its have a great destructive power,
At the same time,
its have fatal side-effects.
That is the most concerning factor.

On the other hand,
herbal medicine like a saw palmetto if not 100%,
it works most of human race.
Becaue, it'a just nutrients.

It has no side-effects if you don't overdose on it.
But, its force are low
In reference to cost,
if you stop taking FINA・MINOXI,
you get oodles of money(change) pops out.
Saw palmetto is easily obtained by real shop too.
It sells for 1000-yen level.
So, frankly speaking,
its cost is of little value.

To parson who is afraid of
stop taking FINA・MINOXI suddenly.

Moral courage is
the first step in hair growth.

(,,゚Д゚)∩ I ask baldness man some questions.
When did you take FINA・MINOXI,
did you sence a change?

The answer will be "NO".
100 in a 100 people will say "NO".
If you are AGA type2,
your hair will grow well without fail.
(in the case of this,
 if you stop taking FINA・MINOXI,
 only hair which has increased will
 lose abruptly

But,you are AGA type 1.
So,FINA didn't work at all for you.
If AGA type1(P・baldness) man take
FINA continuously,

It doesn't work at all.
Only your precious salary vanish. lol
On the contrary,
you have come to repeatedly feel
your heart throb.
A pounding heartbeat is side effect.
Although there is no advantage,
there is disadvantage
This side effect is a burden on your heart.
If FINA doesn't work on you,
you should suspend taking FINA immediately.
(It is a mortal phenomenon)
But, more than 80% people
keep on taking!!
And,baldnessman is obsessed with the idea that
if I forget taking FINA single day,
my hair might falls out
I'll try taking
double quantity MINOXI・FINA
There are many people who take
a large amount of MINOXI・FINA everyday.
(Of course that is a secret with doctor)
You may not believe this, but
Some people notice that he forgot to take FINA
after arriving at the company,
then, he return his home temporarily,
and take the trouble to take FINA.
Originally, he challenged FINA for
comfortable days,
but,he is the slave who is buffeted by FINA
In the case of people
whose hair condition has pretty much not changed,
やはり 何ら変化無い

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次のページへ進む 【画像】

 抜け毛関連 目次

次のページ 画像で学ぶ 
 (((ヘ( ̄ω ̄|||)ヘぎくッ!




フィナ・ミノキは、タイプ2のみ超絶効果 絶対勝利!!

AGAを 無理矢理「ドラクエ」に例えてみたよ〜! ΣΣ(゚д゚lll)ムリヤリスギルダロ!!



【死闘】薄毛VS強風 永遠のライバル

(,,゚Д゚)∩先生質問です。薄毛は遺伝するの? はい。遺伝します。



AGA進行からの大逆転 サクセスストーリー 挫折の果ての太陽

衝撃の結果! タイプ1の救世主 伏兵ノコギリヤシ ( ̄ロ ̄|||)なんと!?


ノコギリヤシと亜鉛の豪華2トップ (  ゚Д゚)ヨシイクゾ (^A^;)ドコヘ?


生活習慣と抜け毛の関係 意外にも( ´∀`)Σ⊂(゚Д゚ ) なんでやねん!

究極神拳 自毛植毛!! 金に糸目をつけなきゃ、最強の奥義 ウリャ(゚Д゚)ノ━━∈

究極神拳 自毛植毛A 気になる「その後」 レジェンド(経験者)たちの今

(,,゚Д゚)∩先生質問です ぶっちゃけ、頭皮マッサージってどうよ?

豆乳で 美味しく男性ホルモン抑制!! ☆*。★゚*♪ヾ(☆ゝз・)ノダイズノチカラ♪

ザクロ酢で 美容&男性ホルモン抑制!! ( ´З`)=3 ジョセイホルモン チューニュー

高いシャンプーよりも良いものがあった!! (>Д<)イエッサ!! シショー!!

        抜け毛 髪型 編
まさかの失敗 編\(^o^)/オワタ

怒涛の実践 編(・∀・)キュンキュン



帽子を被ったら 悲惨なデートに

薄毛にとって ジェットコースターは

これは マジでカオス

リア充薄毛 非リア薄毛 その違いは


現実世界では 内気な薄毛が
ネット世界では 荒ぶる

 人間を超越する 編



薬用プランテル 来たわコレ